Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
of the Chrysopigi Monastery

The sisterhood of Chrysopigi cultivates the Monastery’s land following the principles of organic farming, which is the traditional way of land cultivation and one that respects the sacredness of Creation. Olive and other fruit-bearing tree groves as well as all vegetable and flower gardens of the Monastery, all of whichcover about 35 ha of land, are cultivated without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

The organic produce yielded is used for the needs of the sisterhood and the Monastery’s numerous visitors, as well as to help many people who are in need.

One of the products of the Monastery, its premium organic extra virgin olive oil,  is available for purchase in Greece and abroad.

The centuries-old olive trees of the organically certified Monastery’s groves are Tsounati cultivars, the second most ancient olive variety for oil production. The present-day sisterhood enriched the Monastery cultivations with olive trees of the Koroneiki variety, the most widespread cultivar for olive oil production in Greece. The exceptionally fine, aromatic oil of the Koroneiki olives blends perfectly with the distinct, robust fruitiness of the superior quality olive oil of Tsounati to produce the unique organic extra virgin olive oil of the Monastery of Chrysopigi.

The olives are cold pressed using traditional, solely mechanical means for oil extraction and then bottled and packaged by the sisters at the Monastery.

Its premium quality is certified by DIO (Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products).

The production of organic olive oil of Chrysopigi serves as a model programme for organic farming and, drawing on the blessing of the monastic tradition, educates the consumer about the meaning of organic cultivation, its importance for the health of body and soul and its relation to the local Orthodox past.

The educational and social outreach programmes and initiatives of the Environmental Education Centre of the Monastery are supported mainly by the earnings from the Monastery’s organic olive oil.




The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of theChrysopigi Monastery is available in 250, 500 and 750 ml glass bottles as well as in 1 and 3 liter tin containers.  It can be purchased at organic product shops in Greece and abroad, at the Monastery,or online through its website.



To order online, please send an email to, including your name and surname, phone number, and shipping address.

Shipments are made throughout Greece, delivering within 3-5 working days. Shipping fees are added to the total sum of a puchase.

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